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6mm bronze reflective glass factory, 6mm bronze coated glass price6mm bronze reflective glass factory, 6mm bronze coated glass price6mm bronze reflective glass factory, 6mm bronze coated glass price6mm bronze reflective glass factory, 6mm bronze coated glass price

6mm bronze reflective glass factory, 6mm bronze coated glass price

  • Product name: 6mm bronze reflective glass, 6mm bronze one way reflective glass
  • Glass quality: Grade A, with no bubble, no defect. Easy to cut.
  • Characteristic: Energy saving, solar control, heatproof etc.
  • Application: Windows, doors, railings, curtain wall, skylight etc.
  • Payment term: TT or at LC at sight
  • Package: 20mm new plywood crate with safety belt , strong enough to avoid any breakage during transportation
Top quality 6mm bronze float reflective glass supplier China

About 6mm bronze tinted float reflective glass
6mm bronze reflective glass also name 6mm bronze heat reflective glass, it’s product from 6mm bronze float glass, by using CVD technology, creating a perfect layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the glass. The metallic coating applied during the manufacturing process, and makes a mirror-like coating on it’s exterior surface to reflective solar heat.

Features of 6mm bronze reflective glass panel
Thickness: 6mm
Color: Euro bronze and dark bronze
Standard size: 2140*3300mm, 2140*1650mm, 2250*1650mm, 2250*3300mm, 2440*1650mm etc.
Deep processing: Easy to cut, tempered, laminated or insulated etc.

How does 6mm bronze reflective float glass work?
Heat-reflecting glass allows visible light pass through it, but the metallic coating reflects UV light very effectively, same as a mirror. In this way, sunlight can come into the interior as normal, but "sunheat" is reflected back out. Even when the sun isn't shining directly,  but the sun can still re-radiate infrared radiation into interior. However, heat-reflecting glass will simply reflect that back out.

Application of 6mm bronze heat reflective glass
As well known, 6mm bronze coated glass is an energy saving glass, controlling solar energy radiation effectively, so it’s very popular in building material industrial. For example:
1. It is easy to cut to size 6mm bronze reflective glass sheet as the window glass directly.
2. Easy to process as 6mm bronze tempered reflective glass, apply to the door glass.
3. 6mm bronze coating glass can be laminated with other glass panel to become the 6+6 laminated glass, or seal with noble gas, dry air to be 6+6 tempered insulated glass, which is widely used for windows, railings, exterior wall, glass roof, glass skylight, etc.

Except 6mm bronze reflective glass, other reflective glass you can get from us such as: 6mm clear reflective glass, 6mm light green reflective glass, 6mm dark green reflective glass, 6mm dark grey reflective glass, 6mm Euro grey reflective glass, 6mm Ford blue reflective glass, 6mm dark blue reflective glass etc.

Picture of top quality 6mm bronze reflective glass

6mm bronze reflective glass

6mm bronze reflective glass factory

Strong packing and professional loading for 6mm bronze coating glass

6mm bronze reflective glass package

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