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8mm solar energy glass on sale,import 8mm low e glass panels8mm solar energy glass on sale,import 8mm low e glass panels8mm solar energy glass on sale,import 8mm low e glass panels8mm solar energy glass on sale,import 8mm low e glass panels

8mm solar energy glass on sale,import 8mm low e glass panels

  • Glass name:8mm solar control glass,8mm energy saving glass,8mm low e glass
  • Advantage:balance of solar control in summer and thermal insulation in winter.
  • Available size:2140x3300mm,2250x3300mm,2140x1650mm,2440x1650mm,etc
  • High level of visible light transmittance and exterior clear glass appearance.
  • Production time:within 5-7 days after the order is confirmed.
  • Packaging:fresh new strong export plywood crates with paper.
  • Widely made as low e insulated glass,and used for windows,doors,skylight,roof,curtain wall,etc.


8mm energy saving low e glass manufacturer price


About Low-e Glass 

Low emissivity(Low E) is a quality of a surface that radiates,or emits,low levels of radiant energy.Low-E glass refers to a series of high performance,low-emissivity products. It can be clear and tinted.Low-E glass offers good thermal-insulating and energy saving properties which prevents temperature flow from inside and viceversa,offers UV protection as well.

Benefits of 8mm energy saving low e glass 

1.Durable: low e glass can be handled using standard float glass techniques,and popular made as for low e insulated glass,its durability ideally suited for use in storm windows. 

2.High levels of light transmittance.Transmits solar energy to help keep homes cooler in the summer and reduce cooling energy costs. 

3.Insulates much better than standard clear insulating glass,energy effectivity. 

4.Solar control:Reduces solar heat gain and offers high levels of natural light to provide comfortable and pleasant environments in which to live and work. 

5.Thermal insulation:Improves the energy efficiency of domestic or commercial buildings while enabling the extensive use of glass and the benefit of passive solar gain. 

6.Decoration:Offers an extensive choice of decorative options to provide style and privacy with maximum light. 

7.Energy Efficient Glass: can create a more comfortable,light filled and secure space,as well as help reduce your heating and cooling costs.

8mm Low-e coating Glass Specification

‧Single Low-E Glass
‧Double Low-E Glass
‧Online coated low e glass(hard coating)
‧Offline coated low e glass(soft coating)
Online Low e Color: Clear
Offline Low e Color: Clear, gray, blue, green, color can be customized
‧Standard Size: 2140*3300mm, 2250*3300mm, 2140*1650mm, 2440*1650mm, etc.

Applications of 8mm low e glass
It is widely made as low e laminated glass or low e insulated glass,and used for window,doors,skylight,curtain wall,etc.

8MM Solar Energy Low E Glass
8mm solar energy low e glass price

Low E glass  performance data sheet
8mm Low E glass datasheet

How Low-E Low-emissivity Glass Works

Energy saving low e glass


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