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China high quality 8mm euro grey tinted glass manufacturersChina high quality 8mm euro grey tinted glass manufacturersChina high quality 8mm euro grey tinted glass manufacturersChina high quality 8mm euro grey tinted glass manufacturers

China high quality 8mm euro grey tinted glass manufacturers

  • Glass name:8mm euro gray float glass,8mm Light grey tinted glass
  • Size available:2140x3300mm,2140x1650mm,2250x1650mm,2140x3660mm,etc
  • High quality,no bubble,no scratch,high precise flatness surface
  • Easy to be cut,made for gray tempered glass,grey laminated glass,grey insulated glass,gray mirror,etc
  • Heat reduce,protecting furniture and furnishing from fading
  • Production time: within 5-7 days after the order confirmed
  • Packing:Fresh new strong export plywood crates

China high quality 8mm euro gray tinted glass suppliers

Tinted glass, also known as heat-absorbing glass, is the addition of a certain amount of heat absorption performance colorant to the raw material of the float glass to made. Tinted float glass can absorb a lot of solar infrared radiation and part of the ultraviolet radiation, reduce the sunlight irradiation intensity, and maintain a certain visible light transmission, play the role of  sunshade, heat insulation, anti-glare, natural lighting,decoration and other function, with a certain Energy saving effect. Colored tinted glass can also be used as the original glass  of the reflective glass. Its applicable to all kinds of building doors and windows, curtain walls, furniture, decoration and other fields.

For the Euro grey tinted glass thickness from 4-6mm are popular by the market, for the 8mm euro gray tinted glass and 10mm euro grey glass are less required by the market, so they are always been bespoke as market demand.

Tinted Glass Features:
1. UV rays: tinted float glass can reduce 80% of the transmission of harmful ultraviolet radiation.
2. Solar control: Energy saving through good heat absorption and reflection which reduce the transmission of solar heat radiation
3. Decorative: high value creation by color variety of building’s exterior appearance
4. Deep process: perfect quality of glass for deep processing, cut to size, edge polishing, tempering, lamination, and insulate.

Tinted Float Glass Specifications:
1.Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 5.5mm 6mm 8mm
2. Color range: euro bronze, gold bronze, ford blue, light blue, dark blue, dark grey, euro gray or name light grey, dark green, french green or name light green
3. Stock size: 2140x3300, 1650x2140, 1830x2440, 2250x3300, bespoke size

8mm Euro gray tinted glass Application:
1. Directly used for windows, doors
2. Perfect to produced for Euro gray glass mirror.
3. Perfect to tempered or laminated processed apply for glass wall, glass facade, glass railings, glass balustrade, glass balcony, glass partition, glass table tops,etc.

Tinted glass performance data sheet: 

tinted glass data sheets

High quality 8mm light gray tinted glass picture: 

China Euro Grey Float Glass

China High Quality 8mm Euro Grey Float Glass Shelf
8mm Euro grey float glass shelf

8mm euro gray glass been tempered processed to made gray tempered glass tops: 

8mm tempered euro grey glass tops

8mm light gray glass laminated with 8mm clear float glass to made of 16.76mm or 17.52mm Grey laminated Glass Balustrade 

16.76 mm Grey Glass Railing

8mm euro gray glass+5A/9A/12A+ 8mm clear float glass to made of Grey Insulated Glass Panels



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