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Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier 

Wholesale price  4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass supplier 

  • Produce name: clear round tempered glass, colorless round toughened glass, colorless round tempered glass
  • Available thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  • Deep processing: edge work, safety corner, drilling holes
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, blue, green, grey, bronze etc.
  • Size: custom cut size is accepted
  • Package: strong export plywood crate with safety steel belt
Good quality 4mm 5mm 6mm China clear round tempered glass factory

About colorless round toughened glass
Clear round tempered glass, we also call colorless round toughened glass, colorless round tempered glass etc. It’s a kind of safety glass. Tempered glass is made from annealed glass via a thermal tempering process. The glass is placed onto a roller table, taking it through a furnace that heats it well above its transition temperature of 564 °C (1,047 °F) to around 620 °C (1,148 °F). The glass is then rapidly cooled in a short time.

Specification of round toughened glass
Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
Size: Customized size is accepted
Color: clear, ultra clear, blue, green, grey, bronze etc.
Type:Except round tempered glass, other sharps such as :square tempered glass, oval tempered glass, rectangle tempered glass etc.
Edge work: flat edge, pencil edge, bevel edge etc.
Safety corner: Sharp corner, dubbed corner etc.

Characteristic of clear round tempered glass
1.Round tempered glass is 5 to 7 times harder than regular annealed glass.
2.It is also regarded as safety glass because when it breaks, it becomes small particles that will not danger to you and your family.
3.Round toughened glass must be cut to size or pressed to shape before toughening, and cannot be re-worked once toughened. Polishing the edges or drilling holes in the glass is carried out before the toughening.

Application of clear round tempered glass
Generally speaking, clear round toughened glass mostly used for round tempered glass table top such as center table top and dining table top, sometimes it also used as decorative glass.

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