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7mm translucent tempered u channel glass factory china7mm translucent tempered u channel glass factory china7mm translucent tempered u channel glass factory china7mm translucent tempered u channel glass factory china

7mm translucent tempered u channel glass factory china

  • Glass name: U shape glass, U channel glass
  • Glass thickness: 7mm
  • Max size in length reach to 6000mm, any customized size available
  • Glass advantages: heat proof, sound insulation, installed vertically or horizontally.
  • Widely used for exterior and interior building, like window, partition wall, curtain wall.
  • TT,LC, Western Union, etc.

Safety glass 7mm U shape glass, U channel glass for curtain wall

7mm U glass, 7mm U profiled glass, 7mm U channel glass, which is a kind of rolled glass obtained from a shaping process in glass furnaces controlled by a computer system. Annealed U glass or Toughened tempered U glass in clear glass or low iron glass. Widely used for internal and external building, like window, curtain wall, partition wall.

*** Advantages of U shaped glass:
1.High light transmission
-- High light transmission, but protect privacy. U glass can create the effect of rays of light which is unapproachable for other materials when matching with lights.
2.Sound insulation
-- Excellent sound insulation performance.
3.Thermal insulation
-- When installed in double layers ,it provides perfect performance of heat protecting and thermal insulation.
4. With excellent refraction performance, U glass can effectively reduce light pollution.

Characteristic of U channel glass by Jimy Glass Factory:
1. Thickness: 7mm
2. Size:
*** Width available in 232mm, 262mm, 332mm.
*** The max length is up to 6000mm.
*** Flange height is 60mm.
3. Light weight for single layer, mini up to 23.43kgs.
4. Multi-color: After being heated, the pre-set color will be retained on the inner side of the U-glass with a very high hardness, strong adhesive force and color fastness. Multicolor available, like red, green, blue, yellow, etc.

Why tempered U glass used for window, partition wall, curtain wall?
1. It is the safety/security. when it is broken by outside force, haven't sharp edge and no harmful for people.
2. Much stronger, tempered U glass is up to 3 or 4 times stronger than anneal U glass.
3. Anti-UV, cut off 99% of the energy of ultraviolet rays and infrared.
4. Wind-pressure resisting. When installed in two layers, its performance of wind-pressure resisting will be improved a lot.
5. Multi-color for decoration, attractive interior and exterior wall.
It  is a wall that obscures vision but allows light to pass through. It can be used in interior or exterior applications, and installed vertically or horizontally.

Except for U glass for window, U glass for partition wall, U glass for curtain wall, what else glass widely for window, partition wall, curtain wall?
1) 4mm 5mm 6mm color reflective glass for window
2) 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm tempered glass for partition wall, flat or curved shape are available
3) 4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm low e insulated glass for curtain wall
4) 8+44.3mm laminated insulated glass for curtain wall, 10+55.2 laminated insulated glass for curtain wall
More details, welcome you contact us for details.

Tempered U shape glass 
U shape glass

High quality U profile glass for door
U glass for door

U channel glass for curtain wall
U channel glass for curtain wall


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