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8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade

8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade

  • Glass name:curved tempered glass balustrade,toughened curved glass handrail,curved safety glass fence
  • Glass types:curved tempered glass
  • Available color:clear,ultra clear,grey,green,blue,bronze,silkscreen printing,frosted,etc.
  • Glass balustrade type:frameless balustrade,stainless steel balustrade,semi-frame balustrade,etc
  • Widely used in commercial establishments,residential buildings and home used.
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Packaging:unique strong export plywood crates with paper to avoid the breakage

8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm curved tempered glass balustrade

Curved Tempered Glass Balustrade:

Curved tempered glass balustrade panels can be customized to your design specifications, to satisfy and personalize your architectural project. Curved tempered glass creations can provide you with simple, complex, or artistic curved glass railing panels. Curved tempered glass handrail panels offer modern styling and structural soundness, combining safety and durability with a light, airy feeling. Curved glass railing panels have long been the most popular choice in commercial applications. In recent years, most architects have also begun incorporating them into their residential designs. Most design savvy homeowners have also started using curved glass railing panels in their homes. Curved glass railing panels allow you to sit back on your deck and enjoy the view. 

About Curved Tempered Glass:

Tempered curved glass is manufactured through the process of heating, curving, and rapidly cooling the glass, which increases its strength by up to 5 times greater than normal float glass. This allows it to be used in applications specifying safety glazing as well as structural glazing. As with flat toughened glass, if it is broken, curved toughened glass will disintegrate into small relatively harmless pieces which are neither large enough or sharp enough to cause serious injury.Curved toughened glass is available in versions of most of the range of basic glass products:
Thickness from 5mm-19mm. 
Minimum radius curve is 1000mm.
Maximum size curved glass is 2440mm x 5600mm.Mini size:400mm*600mm
Can bend all types clear float glass,ultra clear low iron glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,frosted glass etc.
All detail process produce by design drawing,such as cutout,during hole,edge process etc.

Tempered Curve Glass Characteristic: 

• In the event of breakage the particles are small and are relatively harmless,more safety than annealed glass.
• 3-5times stronger than annealed glass so curved tempered reduces the risk of thermal breakage.
• All work (beveling, cutting, drilling, etc.)done on curved tempered glass must be before tempering.
• Allows architects and builders far greater scope in their use of glass in buildings.
• Meet BS 6206 UK safety glass standard,EN 12150 CE European standard,Chinese Safety Glass compulsory certification (CCC). 

Many Design For Curved Tempered Balustrade:

Curved tempered glass barrier around the patio
Frameless curved tempered glass for pool fence
Stainless steel tempered curved glass balustrade
Tempered curved glass handrail with wooden frame
Semi-frame curved tempered glass railing
Curved tempered glass handrail panels around staircases.
Our door curved tempered glass Juliet balcony
Many more other design.

China Manufacturer Curved Tempered Glass 

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10mm Frameless Tempered Curved Glass Handrail

curved glass framegless handrail

10mm Tempered Curved Glass Handrails With Wooden Frame

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