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8mm flat & curved glass tempered balustrade factory price8mm flat & curved glass tempered balustrade factory price8mm flat & curved glass tempered balustrade factory price8mm flat & curved glass tempered balustrade factory price

8mm flat & curved glass tempered balustrade factory price

  • Glass name:8mm glass balustrade,8mm glass baluster,8mm glass handrail,8mm glass railing,8mm glass staircase
  • Make sure the safety human and help to enjoy the landscape easily
  • It is flat or curve and perforations,cuts could be perfectly
  • Various colors of glass and designs,ideal for building decoration
  • Production time within 7-15days after the order is confirmed
  • Fresh new strong export plywood crates

Customized size 8mm handrail glass tempered for sale

Glass balustrade,which is more and more popular used for decorative the outside or inside your home.They are not only attractive,but also more eco-friendly and safety.
8mm baluster glass tempered,it is also called 8mm handrail glass toughened,8mm railing glass tempered,8mm balustrade glass tempered.

The advantages of balustrade glass tempered
1.from shape,it can be curved or flat;from color,clear/ultra clear/green/blue/bronze/grey are available;They are incredibly versatile design,available in many different framing and fixing options,and in different colours and textures.you can use glass balustrades in any styles of your home.
2.very safety and durability,they are very thick and safety,which is very difficult to break.Even in the extremely rate occasion that it is broken,it’s also not hurt for humans,the shards of glass are not sharp,which means that glass is great choice for any areas,even in homes where children may be present.
3.more bright and more space.Through the glass that light will be easily passes and your home will look more attractive and lively because light is abundant.In the other hand,glass balustrades create a sense of space and add a touch of natural splendor & elegance to your home,as it makes your home looks more larger and more spacious than it is in reality.

The characteristic of handrail glass tempered
1.Max size in 3300*8000mm
2.Glass types: clear float glass,ultra clear glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,frosted glass,acid etched glass
3.Colors: clear,ultra clear,green,blue,grey,bronze…
4.Easy to install and clean,eco-friendly and safety glass
5.Holes,polished edge,beveled edge,etc.all special processing could be done before tempering.

Except of 8mm balustrade glass tempered,which any other kinds of balustrade glass you can get it from Jimy Glass?
1.From thickness of balustrade glass tempered,you can find 6mm balustrade glass tempered,10mm balustrade glass tempered,12mm balustrade glass tempered,15mm/19mm balustrade glass tempered.
2.From colors of balustrade glass tempered,you can find clear tempered glass handrail,ultra clear tempered glass handrail,grey tempered glass handrail,bronze tempered glass handrail,green tempered glass handrail,etc
3.From glass types,also have laminated glass balustrade,4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm 8+8mm 10+10mm laminated glass balustrade,etc.
Many others.if you are interested in,contact us for more details.

Glass railing inside of JIMY Glass

8mm tempered glass balustrade for sale

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