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Auto grade 6mm light green tinted reflective glass windows supplier chinaAuto grade 6mm light green tinted reflective glass windows supplier chinaAuto grade 6mm light green tinted reflective glass windows supplier chinaAuto grade 6mm light green tinted reflective glass windows supplier china

Auto grade 6mm light green tinted reflective glass windows supplier china

  • Glass name: 6mm light green tinted reflective glass,6mm F-green coated reflective glass
  • Size available in 1650×2200mm,2140x3300mm,2250x3300mm, 2140x1650mm, 2250x1650mm,2440x1650mm, 2440x3300mm,etc.
  • Solar control,Anti-UV,protecting the furnitures to be fade.
  • Grade A,high qquality,no bubble,no scratch,high precise flatness
  • Perfect to be made as 6mm green tempered glass,6+6mm green laminated glass,6+6mm green insulated glass,etc.
  • Production time: within 5-7 days after the order is confirmed.
  • Widely used for architectuals and furnitures.

China 6mm French Green Tinted Reflective Float Glass For Sale

6mm light green reflective glass
6mm light green reflective glass,6mm french green coated reflective glass,is a high performance reflective glass,solar control float glass.It is made by the applying transparent metal oxidation film on 6mm french green tinted float glass.The coating bonds tightly and can withstand different heat treatment like bending,tempering and heat strengthening.It is the high quality decorative glass,no bubble,no scratch,high light transmittance,high precise flatness,easy to be cut,widely used for buildings and furnitures.

The features of 6mm green heat reflective glass
1.Solar comfort: reduction of the sun’s direct heat energy through the glass,reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation,thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.
2.Permanent colour – also called a body tinted glass as the tint is an integral part of the glass.The colour cannot be removed.
3.Reducing cooling energy costs.
4.Superior visual comfort: reflects away the light quantum of daylight so as to limit glare,while allowing adequate amount of natural light.
5.Superior durability: high wear and superior scratch resistance as it is"hard coated" Quality Standards.
6.Anti-UV,for protecting the furnitures to be faded.Reducing glare;
7.Improving privacy during daytime.

Specifications of 6mm green coated reflective glass
1.Thickness: Except for 6mm,other thickness available in 4mm 5mm 5.5mm 8mm 10mm 12mm.
2.Color: French green,light green
3.Size:1650×2200mm,2140x3300mm,2250x3300mm, 2140x1650mm, 2250x1650mm,2440x1650mm, 2440x3300mm,etc.
4.It is easy to be cut,bent,make as 6mm f-green tempered glass,6+6mm f-green laminated glass,6+6mm f-green insulated glass,6mm green mirror,etc.

1)Windows and doors.
2)Exterior facade for commercial and residential buildings.
3)Interior applications for furniture and partitions.

What kinds of decorative tinted reflective glass you can get it from Jimy Glass?
***Except for french green tinted reflective glass,other available in dark green tinted reflectve glass,euro grey coated reflective glass,dark grey coated reflective glass,euro bronze reflective glass,golden bronze reflective glass,light blue reflective glass,dark blue reflective glass.

What kinds of green glass you can get it from Jimy Glass?
***Green tinted float glass
***Green tinted reflective float glass
***Green tempered glass
***Green annealed laminated glass,green tempered laminated glass
***Green annealed insulated glass,green tempered insulated glass,green laminated insulated glass
More details,welcome contact us!we always be there and support you.

solar control 6mm reflective glass 
6mm light green reflective glass

6mm F Green Online Coated Reflective Glass 
6mm green coated glass from China

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