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CE certified 21.52mm safety toughened laminated railing glass factoryCE certified 21.52mm safety toughened laminated railing glass factoryCE certified 21.52mm safety toughened laminated railing glass factoryCE certified 21.52mm safety toughened laminated railing glass factory

CE certified 21.52mm safety toughened laminated railing glass factory

  • Shape: Flat and curved
  • Interlayer: Any color PVB,SGP,EVA
  • Feature: High safety and can add multifunction to the building
  • Max size could reach to 3000x8000mm
  • Production time within 15 days after order is confirmed
  • Pack in strong wooden crates to avoid breakage

21.52mm safety toughened laminated glass railing supplier

No matter where we are, it is more common to see the glass railing now, instead of concrete railing or wood railing. Because the glass railing can add multifunction to the building, make the building more attractive. We produce many different types 21.52mm safety tempered laminated glass for railing, such as:
Shape: flat safety laminated glass handrail, curved toughened laminated glass banisters
Interlayer: Any color PVB laminated glass, DuPont SGP laminated glass, EVA laminated glass
Type: colorless hardened laminated glass, low iron toughened laminated glass, sandblasted tempered laminated glass, screen printing toughened laminated glass, textured decorative safety laminated glass

21.52mm tempered laminated glass railing

Why use 21.52mm tempered laminated glass to build the railing?
High safety. Compare with normal float glass or monolithic tempered glass, the laminated glass is much more safety, because two pieces glass bond together could withstand heavier outside force, not easy to break, and even the glass is broken, the glass splinters will stick on the interlayer, won’t scatter to hurt humans.

Add multifunction to the building. In one hand, different design and different color laminated glass could beautify the railing, make it harmonize with surrounding. In another hand, different type laminated glass could match different customer’s requirement, such as 21.52mm clear toughened laminated glass could make sure high light transmittance, so that could see outside scenery clearly even sit inside. But for 21.52mm sandblasted tempered laminated glass or 21.52mm silkscreen decorative laminated glass, it could hide the material like concrete behind of the glass, won’t show it to outside.

Where you can use the 21.52mm toughened laminated glass railing?
The 21.52mm safety lamination glass can use in anywhere, such as residential glass balcony railings, stairs trapezoidal glass balustrades, curved frosted glass stair handrail, shopping mall security glass baluster, outdoor glass deck railings, seaside curved glass balustrades, safety glass pool fence, courtyard flat glass banisters, etc.

21.52mm banister laminated glass manufacturer

Why buy 21.52mm balustrade laminated glass from us?
For product:
• We can meet any customer’s requirement, such as drill holes and cutouts to match the stainless steel fittings, polished edges to avoid sharp edges hurt humans, custom cut size to meet the architect’s design, etc.
• We can do jumbo size laminated glass, the max size could reach to 3000*8000mm, the size tolerance is 1mm
• Our tempered laminated glass is approved by CE and ISO, offer at least 15years’ guarantee

For service:
• Production time within 15 days after order is confirmed, some urgent order can apply finish within 10 days
• All the glass pack in strong export plywood crates with metal belt, to avoid any breakage during long distance transportation
• One stop service from order confirmation to glass delivery to building site, can be done perfectly by us
• Any other customer’s special requirement can be 100% fulfilled.

laminated toughened glass fence price

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