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Cheap price 441 bronze laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass pricesCheap price 441 bronze laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass pricesCheap price 441 bronze laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass pricesCheap price 441 bronze laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass prices

Cheap price 441 bronze laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass prices

  • Glass name: 8.38mm bronze laminated glass, 441 bronze sandwich glass
  • Glass composition: 4mm clear float glass+0.38mm PVB in bronze+4mm clear float glass or 4mm bronze color glass+0.38mm clear PVB interlayer +4mm bronze color glass
  • Glass size: 2140*3300mm, 2140*3660mm, 2140*1650mm, 2250*3300mm, 2250*3660mm, 2440*1650mm, 2440*3660mm, etc
  • Production time: around 10 days after the order is confirmed
  • MOQ: 1 Container, Mix container accept
  • 20'GP,20'OT,40'GP,40'OT

441 bronze float laminated safety glass 8.38mm 

441 bronze color laminated safety glass, 8.38mm bronze laminated float glass, it is consists of one clear PVB interlayer bonded between two panes of 4mm bronze float glass under heat and pressure, also can be consists of one bronze color PVB interlayer bonded between 2 panes of 4mm clear float glass under heat and pressure. Once sealed together, it will be the sandwich safety glass, behaves as a single unit and looks like normal glass. Laminated glass may crack upon impact, the glass will not fall down and have no harmful for people.

The features of 8.38mm bronze laminated glass:

1.Normal size: 2140*3300mm, 2140*1650mm, 2250*1650mm, 2440*1650mm, 2440*3660mm.etc.
2.Max size: 3300*8000mm, any customized size can be made.
3.Glass composition:  4mm bronze color glass+0.38mm PVB interlayer+4mm bronze color glass or 4mm clear float glass+0.38mm bronze PVB interlayer+4mm clear float glass
4.Special processing, like cut out, drill holes, polished edge, beveled edge, logo printing, etc.

Advantages of 8.38mm bronze float laminated safety glass:
1.High security/ safety glass: the glass if broken by outside, the glass still sticks to the PVB interlayer, it will not fall down, have no injury for people.
2.Solar cool: the bronze tinted glass is the heat absorbing glass, could prevent the UV and absorb heat enter into the interior room. It’s the energy saving glass for building.
3.Heat control: PVB interlayer could help block the sound wave.
4.High precise flatness, easy for cutting, install.
5.Convenient for clean and maintain, offer 10 years warranty.

Which kind of 8.38mm laminated glass you can get it from Jimy Glass Factory?

--- Consider to glass colors itself:
1.8.38mm bronze color laminated glass, 8.38mm bronze reflective laminated glass
2.8.38mm euro grey laminated glass, 8.38mm euro grey reflective laminated glass
3.8.38mm dark gray laminated glass, 8.38mm dark gray reflective laminated float glass
4.8.38mm light blue laminated glass, 8.38mm ford blue reflective laminated safety glass
5.8.38mm dark blue color laminated glass, 8.38mm dark blue reflective laminated glass;
6.8.38mm f green laminated glass, 8.38mm light green reflective laminated glass
7.8.38mm dark green tinted laminated glass, 8.38mm dark green color reflective laminated float glass
--- Consider to PVB colors, any pantone color can be made:
Then clear float glass with any color PVB interlayer, like red, yellow, black, etc.
If you are interested in, contact us for details.

Bronze color glass by Jimy Glass Factory
Bronze color glass by Jimy Glass Factory

Color laminated glass factory China
Color laminated glass factory China

Production line and loading the container by Jimy Glass Factory
Packaging and loading the contaciner

Applications of 8.38mm Bronze laminated float glass 
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