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China high quality Lacquered glass table tops supplierChina high quality Lacquered glass table tops supplierChina high quality Lacquered glass table tops supplierChina high quality Lacquered glass table tops supplier

China high quality Lacquered glass table tops supplier

  • glass surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean
  • Easy and low cost to replace when damage
  • Many shapes such as round, rectangle, square, oval, other irregular
  • Drill holes, safety corners and polished edges could be produced
  • Used for dining tables, coffee tables, conference room tables, etc.
  • Production time within 10-15days after order confirmation 

China best quality lacquered glass table tops manufacturer

Lacquered glass table top, also named painted glass table tops, spandrel glass table top, varnished glass table top, is use the top quality clear float glass or low iron float glass, through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the flat and smooth surface of the glass, then by carefully baking into the furnace which is constant temperature, permanently bonding the lacquer onto the glass. Lacquered glass has all the features of the original float glass, but also supplies wonderful opaque and colorful decorative application.

Lacquer Glass table top Characteristic
• Painted surface is flat and smooth, easy to clean;
• Supplies wonderful translucent and colorful decoration
• Water-resistant and moisture-resistant
• Use lead free safety paint, human harmless and environmental protection

Difference Between Lacquer Glass and Screen Printing Glass
• Both lacquer glass and silkscreen glass is decorative glass, could do any color and any pattern
• Lacquer glass is produced by depositing lacquer onto the glass, then baking into the furnace, screen printed glass is produced by silk-screen printing ceramic frit paints onto glass, then drying and heat-treating
• Lacquer glass has smooth and flat surface, the surface of silkscreen glass will have little impurities because of heat-treating
• The surface of lacquer glass is easy to scratch off, but the surface of silkscreen glass is strong, hard to scratch off
Lacquered glass has all the features of original float glass, and screen printing glass has all the features of tempered glass
• Lacquer glass most often use in interior, silkscreen glass most often use in exterior because of the durable surface

Lacquer Glass table top which we can processed for you as follow:
Glass thickness: 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
  Thickness dimension tolerance: ±0.2mm
  Size dimension tolerance: ±0.5mm
Shape: Round, rectangle, square, ellipse, race track oval, irregular shape
Edge: Flat polished edges, round polished edges, beveled edges, OG edges, etc.
Corner: Clip corner, radius corner, eased corner, etc.
• Many others.

What shape of table top glass JIMY could produce? 
• Round glass table tops 
• Rectangle glass table tops 
• Square glass table tops 
• Ellipse glass table tops 
• Race track oval glass table tops 
• Other irregular shapes 

Where is the table top glass used? 
• Home dining table and kitchen counter 
• Coffee table and tea table 
• Restaurant table and hotel room table 
• Conference room table and meeting room table 
• Many others 

Lacquered glass table tops edge and corner treatment:
 Lacquered Glass with edge and corner polished

Various Color Lacquered Glass For Glass Tops
Various color Lacquered Glass for glass tops

Our Production:
Lacquered Glass Tops Production

Safety Stronger Packing And Loading:
glass tops packing and loading


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