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China high quality architectural decorative gradient acid etched glass suppliersChina high quality architectural decorative gradient acid etched glass suppliersChina high quality architectural decorative gradient acid etched glass suppliersChina high quality architectural decorative gradient acid etched glass suppliers

China high quality architectural decorative gradient acid etched glass suppliers

  • Gradient acid etched tempered glass,gradient frosted laminated glass
  • Gradient acid etched glass is opacity and gradients.
  • Provide privacy protection but has high light transmittance
  • Color: clear, ultra clear, grey, green, blue, bronze
  • Processing: polished edges, drill holes, cut notches
  • use to produce acid etched tempered glass and laminated glass
  • Production time within 15days after order confirmation


China glass factory custom colored gradient glass

Gradient acid etched glass with a geometric decoration shading from completely etched to completely transparent. Gradient acid etched art glass is a new type of frosted glass that is continuously innovation and developed on the basis of on traditional acid etched glass technology of the flat glass.

Acid Glass gradients can start and end at any percentage such as a 20%-80% gradient or a perfectly clear glass panel fade into a 100% full frost with zero opacity.

Gradient frosted glass Specifications
Pattern : Dot Gradient, Line Gradient, smooth Gradient ,sans soucie Gradient,Gradient Squares, broken-lines gradient glass,etc
Glass Types: standard clear Tempered glass and low-iron tempered glass.
Glass Sizes: Fabrication sizes up to 72″ x 144″Digital printing sizes up to 60″ x 120″
Glass Thicknesses : 4mm, 5mm,6mm, 8mm,10mm,12mm,1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″
Glass Services Available: acid Etch, Laminated, Print, Film,etc
Customization Contact Us to learn more about customization options

Various gradient acid-etching glass picture:

various design decorative gradient glass

Gradient acid etched glass application:

1, white gradient art glass applied in the bathroom
With a color gradient as the shower room in the bathroom, the looming colored surface will open up a small world where people belong to our own. The nearly transparent glass surface above the glass ensures that the light can enter very well, and the glass as a whole The transparent vision changes the tedium of the transparent glass, while creating a warm bathroom space, but also let the interior full of romantic colors.Therefore, the shower room with a color gradient as a bathroom is the most popular and common way of using progressive frosted glass.

white Gradient Glass for Shower

2, Decorative gradient glass for the entrance
Modern people pay more and more attention to the role of the entrance in order to create a warm and comfortable indoor atmosphere. With colored gradient glass as the entrance, the color of the mysterious subtle and transparent glass, the indoor light, the air becomes vivid and full of spirituality, so that people enter the house and feel the rush of artistic atmosphere, the sinking because of work and The increasingly tired heart of life is instantly relaxed.

decorative Gradient glass for entrance door

3, Gradient art glass applied in the background wall
Want to highlight the master's taste, the background wall is indispensable, replacing the traditional murals with colored gradients, seeing the flower-like ripple effect in the fog to make the interior light softer, and the transparent visual effect above the glass makes the interior space It is crystal clear and rich. It fully embodies the theme of today's interior decoration introducing nature, pursuing return to life, and shaping space spirituality.

gradient art glass applied in the background wall

4, colored gradient glass application for office
In many large-scale shopping malls and office areas, using color gradients to make partitions can not only guarantee the smoothness of light, but also can bring people a sense of tranquility and comfort.

colored gradient art glass for office


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