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Wholesale China high quality 6mm two way mirror for the hidden TV mirrorWholesale China high quality 6mm two way mirror for the hidden TV mirrorWholesale China high quality 6mm two way mirror for the hidden TV mirrorWholesale China high quality 6mm two way mirror for the hidden TV mirror

Wholesale China high quality 6mm two way mirror for the hidden TV mirror

  • 2 way mirrors also also name imaging mirror, TV hidden mirror,etc
  • Thickness:2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm,etc.
  • Max size: 1200x1650MM,any customized size are acceptable
  • Reflection >70%, transmittance >15%
  • Filter UV and blue light to protect eyesight
  • Perfect screen performance and Perfect mirror performance
  • Widely used as television screen mirror, bathroom TV mirror, advertising display screen mirror, etc.

China High Quality 6mm Two-Way Mirror Suppliers

Two way mirror also named Hidden TV Mirrors, mirror display glass,or smart mirror, magic mirror. There are two types of two-way mirror, one is coated with the non-conducting film, another is coated with the conducting film. Its made by the high quality clear float glass through vacuum coating method to coated a special metal oxide film on the surface. When the behind with light source, you can see another side, if turn off the light source, is similar like the normal mirror.

We can cut to size, polished edge and tempered processed the two way mirror glass to increase its strength, its rated for both indoor and outdoor application and has a highly durable coating which can be cleaned with standard glass cleaner and paper towels.

How to distinguish real mirror and two-way mirror? 
Place the tip of your fingernail against the reflective surface and if there is a GAP between your fingernail and the image of the nail, then it is a real mirror. However, if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail, then it is a two-way mirror.

Product specification:
Mirror thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm
Max Size:1.2x1.65m, customized sizes as per demand.
Tempered: Accept
Reflection: 25% - 50%
Transmissions: 10%- 70%
Note: There's no problem to customized the reflection and transmissions as per your requirement if you could provide the function and exact demand for us.

2-Way Mirror Glass Features :
1.The uniform surface of the film has excellent stability against abrasion and erosion of acid and alkali
2.Not easy to take off the film, scratches and resistant to fingerprints
3.Chamfer grinding, drilling, tempered, 45-degree edge stitching
4.Resistance to effect of heat of 700℃

Two-way Mirror Application:
TWO WAY MIRROR is used for security, privacy, infinity mirrors, optical illusions, hidden televisions, Indoor advertising display, smart mirrors,etc

Two way mirror used to Hidden TV Mirrors
Specialty two way mirror designed for hiding your television,when off the Hidden TV mirrors is like a normal mirror,when it's turned on,TV shines clearly through this dielectric specialty mirror. 

Hidden TV Two-Way Mirrors

Two way mirror used asinfinity mirror
An infinity mirror is a set of mirrors, one fully reflective mirror and one one-way mirror, set up so that the one-way or partially reflective mirror reflects an image back onto the fully reflective mirror, in a recursive manner, creating a series of smaller and smaller reflections that appear to recede into an infinite distance. This effect is also seen when a subject stands between two fully reflective mirrors, as in a changing room or house of mirrors. 

2-way mirror to made infinity mirror

How an infinity mirror works

how an infinity mirror works
Two way mirror used as Smart mirror
Smart mirrors using existing two-way-mirror technology, can function in your home like regular mirrors but optionally display information right on the surface of the mirror

Two way mirror used for Smart mirror

JIMY GLASS customized small sample of two-way mirrors as per demand:


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