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Newest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirrorNewest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirrorNewest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirrorNewest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirror

Newest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirror

  • Glass name:5mm two way mirror,5mm TV hidden mirror,5mm half silvered mirror,5mm observation mirror glass
  • Max size:2440*3660MM,any customized size are acceptable
  • Reflection>70%,transmittance>15%
  • Filter UV and blue light to protect eyesight
  • Perfect screen performance and Perfect mirror performance
  • Special processing:holes,edge working,tempering,etc.
  • Widely used as television screen mirror,bathroom TV mirror,advertising display screen mirror,etc.
  • Production time:within 10 days after the order is confirmed.

Newest promotional wholesale customized decoration 5mm two way mirror

What is 5mm two way mirror?
5mm two way mirror,also known as imaging mirror.Two way mirror is used to provide security and privacy.It is a mirror with high reflection and high transmission, produced by coated the 5mm clear float glass with a thin and almost-transparent layer of metal (usually aluminum), which results a mirrored surface that reflects some light and is penetrated by the rest.

Two way mirror advantage:
• Perfect screen performance:The two-way mirror to make sure the original natural color.
• Perfect mirror performance. The two-way mirror making the mirror effect closer to the silver mirror effect.
• More strong inside coating film. Our two-way mirror’s metal coating film is inside,not easy to stripping or scratch. And also can reduce the generation of fingerprints.
• Our two-way mirror could effectively filter the blue light and ultraviolet produced by screen, so can effectively protect the viewer’s eyesight.

How to distinguish two way mirror and normal mirror? 
1.Mirror looks very much like a normal mirror,but in the side of the mirror looked in the mirror, the back can see everything clearly,because the two way mirror can pass a part of the light through mirror,so the mirror will look darker than the real environment, if put an normal next to the mirror contrast will be more obvious.
2.To point against reflective mirror surface with your fingertips,there have gap between the fingers of a mirror phase,that would be normal mirror.However,if your fingernail directly touches the image of your nail(no gap),then it is a two-way mirror

5mm two way mirror factory

Two way mirror specification: 
Mirror thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm,6mm.
Size: max 2440x3660mm, any customized size are acceptable.
Tempered: Accept.
Reflection >70%,transmittance >15%, could adjust as per customer’s requirement.
Note:we accepted customized the reflection and transmissions as per your requirement if you could provide the function and exact demand for us. 

Transmittance rate
>15% Color Silver reflective 
Reflectivity rate >70% Translucent deviation ±2 
Optical deformation <50° Thickness deviation ±0.2-±0.5 
Reversible 3:12 Size deviation  ±1  
 <0.2% Curvature <0.2% 
Heat resistance 700℃ Bubble No
Hardness 6 Scratch No 
Deep processing type coating Section defects No 
Max size 2440*3660mm  Sample  available
Special processing Holes,edge working,to be tempering,etc  Packaging strong export plywood crates 
Production time Within 10 days after the order is confirmed.  Widely used for
TV screen mirror, advertising display screen mirror,etc

Applications of two way mirror:
Two way mirror widely used for one-way observation, with the viewing room often kept dark by a darkened curtain or a double door vestibule. These observation rooms have been used in: 
Interrogation rooms
Experimental research
Security observation decks in public areas
Hidden televisions
Floor to ceiling windows
Outdoor glass wall
Where areas need to be kept under observation. 
5mm two way mirror application

High quality two way mirror for hidden television
4mm two way mirror for hidden television

Two way mirror glass for sunroom
sunroom-two-way-mirror glass

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