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10mm tempered glass partition,10mm tempered glass partition price,10 mm tempered glass price

  • 1-Top quality 10mm tempered glass;
  • 2-Good condition of flatness and transmittance;
  • 3-Anti impact with lower explosion rate reach a millisecond;
  • 4-Support customized size, flat shape maximum size reach 3300x6000mm;
  • 5-Flat or curved shape meet your different place uses;
  • 6-All the process works should be confirm before tempered;
  • 7-Production time within 15 working days when details confirmed;
  • 8-Strong export new plywood with mould-proof powder imported from Italy.

Customized durable 10mm tempered glass partition

Glass room partition wall is quickly growing in popularity, because of their aesthetics and boosting effect on office mood and productivity. The most popular glass we supply for partition wall is tempered glass 8mm 10mm 12mm , it could be clear, ultra clear, colored, acid etched and screen printing.

Why choose 10 mm tempered glass as room partition wall?

Compare to 8mm tempered glass and 12mm tempered glass, 10mm tempered glass safer than 8mm tempered glass and Cheaper than 12mm tempered glass, and also have good condition for wall partition ideas, which has good transmittance.

Generally, the partition wall glass often use clear float tempered glass, but some owner have high requirements on transmittance, so they will choose 10mm ultra clear tempered glass/low iron tempered glass.

How to choose ideal partition wall glass for your projects?

There are different type of glass as partition:

Float glass as partition wall: Good transmittance and can customized in different size, the cheapest glass type, but not safety when broken, will hurt people because its will break into large fragments. So we do not suggest you choose this glass.

Clear tempered glass as partition wall: High strength with good safety function for uses, glass broken into small fragments and easy clean, but have possibly self explosion rate, so should consider high quality float glass as tempered works.

How to reduce the self explosion rate of tempered glass?

Tempered glass after heat soak processed, the self- explosion rate will be close to zero, and the other way is use low iron tempered glass/ ultra clear tempered glass, because of that the low iron tempered glass the self- explosion rate only 1/10000


How to distinguish clear tempered glass and ultra clear/low iron tempered glass?

Transmittance: transmittance of ultra clear/low iron tempered glass better than clear tempered glass

Cost: ultra clear/low iron tempered glass more expensive

Look to side, ultra clear/low iron tempered glass near to light blue or more clear, but clear tempered glass much green.

Self-explosion rate, ultra clear/low iron tempered glass only 1/10000, but clear tempered glass have 1/1000.

10mm tempered glass partition

Others type glass you can choose:

Nowadays, we need private space extremely, so we also can choose frosted/satin tempered glass to reach this effect.

But as we all know some young companies becoming more and more today, they often choose some new elements, so digital printed tempered glass and silkscreen tempered glass are becoming popular in todays society.

10mm tempered glass partition

In addition, tempered glass suitable for long time uses, more durable than general wall, and easy clean. And also some projects will choose folding partition wall, that’s will be flexible in daily uses, because you can choose whether need partition or not anytime.


Foldable partition wall of 10 mm tempered glass

Folding partition wall

Specification of 10mm tempered glass partition

Product Name Customized durable 10mm tempered glass partition
Thickness 10mm,3/8''
Available Size Maximum size:3300x6000mm,support customized
Glass Color Clear, ultra clear/low iron, blue, green, bronze, gray, Silkscreen in RAL
Quality CE, SGCC, CCC, ISO9001 
Glass Type 10mm clear tempered glass partition, 10mm ultra clear/low iron tempered glass partition, 10mm tinted tempered glass partition, 10mm frosted tempered glass partition, 10mm satin tempered glass partition, 10mm silkscreen tempered glass partition, 10mm digital printed tempered glass partition, 10mm curved tempered glass partition, etc...

Shapes choices of 10 mm tempered glass room partition wall

10mm tempered glass partition

Our tempered glass production line

10mm tempered glass partition price

Strong export packaging of 10mm tempered glass partition

Tempered glass 10mm


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