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3mm ultra clear low iron glass wholesale price, China extra clear float glass manufacturer3mm ultra clear low iron glass wholesale price, China extra clear float glass manufacturer3mm ultra clear low iron glass wholesale price, China extra clear float glass manufacturer3mm ultra clear low iron glass wholesale price, China extra clear float glass manufacturer

3mm ultra clear low iron glass wholesale price, China extra clear float glass manufacturer

  • Glass types:3mm ultra clear float glass,3mm super white float glass,3mm extra clear float glass,3mm low iron glass
  • Standard size:1830x2440mm,2140x3300mm,etc.
  • with supre high light transmittance.
  • High quality,no bubbles,no scratches,high precise flatness.
  • Easy to be cut,tempered,laminated,screen printing,etc.
  • Production time: within 5-7days after order is confirmed.
  • All glass packed by strong plywood crates with metal belt.
  • Popular use in greenhouse,solar panels,etc.

Ultra Clear Glass also name Super Clear Glass, Super White Glass,low iron glass, someone also name Starphire glass, Optiwhite glass. Ultra-white glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass, high transparent glass.

It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, the light transmission rate above of 91.5%, with is crystal clear, high-grade and elegant features, in the glass family said of "Crystal Prince". Ultra-white glass has all the processed performance same as the high-quality float glass, can be like other high-quality float glass to make deep processing. Unparalleled superior quality and product performance to let ultra-white glass has a broad application space and bright market prospects.

Unique advantages: 

1.  Lowly of glass self-explosion
ultra-white glass relative to ordinary glass has a more uniform composition, its internal impurities more less, thus after tempered greatly reducing the possibility self-explosion.

2. Color consistency
The raw material content the Iron only of the normal clear float glass 1/10 or even lower, Ultra-white glass relative to the ordinary glass the green wavelengths of visible light is absorb less. To ensure the color consistency.

3. Visible light transmittance is highly, good permeability
The UV transmittance high than ordinary glass. With Crystal-clear quality like the crystal, to let the display products more clearly, more better to showing exhibits more real. The normal clear float glass no have this feature.

4. The market is large, high technical content, with strong profitability
Ultra-white glass technology content is relatively high, production control is difficult, with strong profitability relatively of ordinary glass. The high quality determines its high price, ultra-white glass price is 1 to 2 times of ordinary glass, the cost is relatively of the ordinary glass been increase more, but the technical barriers are relatively high,high added value. Value.

3mm Low Iron Float Glass Performance Data

3mm Low Iron Float Glass Performance Data

Super clear float glass VS clear float glass:

clear float glass Vs super clear float glass

A glass greenhouse with glass as lighting materials, glass greenhouse as the longest life of a form, suitable for a variety of areas and a variety of weather conditions. 3mmTempered Ultra Clear Glass  or 3mm ultra clear float glass for Greenhouse, because of ultra clear glass with with super high light transparency above 92%, the Sun light easy to through and more better for greenhouse cropping.

3mm ultra clear float glass for green house

The glass substrate of solar photovoltaic power generation system, need to use 3mm ultra-white glass, because of 3mm super-white glass has super high light transmittance and high quality been widely to used on solar panel filed. 

3mm Low iron pattern glass for solar panel

Super white float glass production: 
low iron glass production

Ultra clear float glass Loading: 
extra clear glass loading


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