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5mm super clear white back painted safety glass manufacturer China5mm super clear white back painted safety glass manufacturer China5mm super clear white back painted safety glass manufacturer China5mm super clear white back painted safety glass manufacturer China

5mm super clear white back painted safety glass manufacturer China

  • Glass name:5mm low iron lacquered safety glass,5mm ultra clear back painted safety glass,5mm super clear lacobel safety glass,5mm varnish safety glass
  • Glass color:ultra clear float glass,other available in clear float glass
  • Advantages:Grade A,high precise flatness,anti-moisture,durable
  • Ultra clear back painted glass with safety film,safety glass
  • Back painted color: white.other color available in green,blue,red,yellow,any pantone colors
  • Within 10-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Environmentally friendly glass

Good Price 5mm low iron white lacobel safety glass for furniture supplier China

5mm low iron white lacobel safety glass,it also called 5mm super clear white back painted with safety film,5mm ultra clear lacquered safety glass,5mm pure white lacobel glass with white back painted,is a decorative varnished glass which is manufacturered by applying a superior quality paint on 5mm ultra clear float glass surface,as consider a safety requirement,then add a PE film on the varnished side,if the glass is broken by outside force,the glass is still sticks on the PE film,to make sure the safety for humans,is an environmentally friendly glass product,widely used for furniture and wall decoration.

The characteristic of 5mm ultra clear back painted safety glass
1.Thickness: except for 5mm,other available in 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm,etc.
2.Glass color: 5mm ultra clear glass,other available in 5mm clear float glass.
3.Size available in: 1830x2440mm,2140x3300mm,2140x3660mm,2440x3660mm,etc.or any customized size.
4.Back painted color: white. other colors available in grey,blue,green,bronze,pink,black,any pantone colors.
5.PE or Wave Films are available.

Advantages of 5mm ultra clear lacquered safety glass
1.Very safety/security: 5mm ultra clear white back painted glass,it with safety film on the varnish side,to avoid the injuries caused by broken glass.
2.Superior quality finishing: rich experience in painting with senior engineer guide,to make sure manufacturing process guarantees uniform finishing and the paint adheres flawlessly to the glass.
3.Durability:the lacquer is applied to the reverse side of the 5mm ultra clear glass,and it add a safety film for best keeping protecting from damage and ensures that the colour are durable and bright.
4.Moisture resistance: color back painted for the glass,mositure resistance perfect for used in damp and humid rooms,such as kitchens,bathrooms,furnitures,etc.
5.Decorative environmentally friendly glass in our lives.

Which kind of lacquered glass you can get it from Jimy Glass?
1. Glass type: clear lacquered glass,ultra clear lacquered glass.
2. From security: one is color lacquered glass without film,one is color lacquered glass with safety film.
3. From thickness:
***4mm white lacquered glass,5mm white lacquered glass,6mm white lacquered glass,8mm white lacquered glass,10mm white lacquered glass,etc
***4mm color lacquered glass,5mm color lacquered glass,6mm color lacquered glass,8mm color lacquered glass,etc
***4mm ultra clear lacquered glass,5mm ultra clear lacquered glass,6mm ultra clear lacquered glass,8mm ultra clear lacquered glass,etc
***4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm ultra clear white lacquered glass,4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm ultra clear color lacquered glass,etc

Widely used for cabinet door,decorative partition wall,living rooms,kitchens,splashback,offices,etc.

More details,welcome contact us at any time!

5mm lacobel ultra clear white glass
5mm lacobel ultra clear white glass

Production line of lacquered glass by Jimy Glass
production line of lacquered glass

Packaging by Jimy Glass
Packaging by Jimy Glass

Applications of 5mm lacobel safety glass by Jimy Glass5mm lacobel safety glass manufacturer China

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