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6mm safety glazing 1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass cost per square foot6mm safety glazing 1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass cost per square foot6mm safety glazing 1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass cost per square foot6mm safety glazing 1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass cost per square foot

6mm safety glazing 1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass cost per square foot

  • Both 1/4 laminated glass and 1/4 tempered glass is safety glass
  • Laminated glass price higher than tempered glass price
  • Could be used as glass doors, glass windows, glass balconies, etc.
  • Quality no bubbles, no defects, super flat surface, with CE and ISO certificate
  • Color clear, bronze, blue, green, grey, black, red, milky white, translucent, etc.
  • Production time 7-10 days
  • Pack in strong wooden crates

1/4 laminated glass vs 1/4 tempered glass


Both 1/4 inch 6mm tempered glass and 1/4 inch 6mm laminated glass is safety glass, widely used around us, includes glass doors, glass windows, glass balconies, etc., do you know what's the difference between them? And which is better?


About Processing

6mm thick 1/4 fully tempered glass is heating to over 600 degree and then cooling quickly, which make it 3-5 times stronger than 1/4 inch annealed float glass, not easy to break, while the 6.38mm thick 1/4 laminated float glass is put two pieces 3mm clear float glass together with PVB interlayer, which make the glass stick on the interlayer even it is broken, won't scatter to hurt humans, and the PVB interlayer is very strong, very hard to penetrate.


So both of 1/4 inch float tempered glass and 1/4 inch laminated glass is safety glass, but tempered glass will be scattered after broken, while laminated glass is not so strong as tempered glass, so both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

6mm safety glazing

About Specification

Item  Tempered Glass  Laminated Glass
Thickness  1/4 inch, 6mm  1/4 inch, 6.38mm
Shape  Flat and curved  Flat
Size Max size 2440x4880mm, cutom cut to size Standard size 1830x2440mm, 2140x3300mm,2250x3300mm, 2140x3660mm, 2250x3660mm, 2440x3660mm,etc.,other customized size
Color Clear, bronze, blue, green, grey, golden, black, etc. Glass original color is clear, the PVB could be any color like bronze, blue, green, grey, red, yellow, milky white, frosted, translucent, etc.
Processing Cut to size, polished edges, drill holes, cut notches, sandblasted, silkscreen printed, digital printed, etc., all the processing should be done before tempering, after tempering, couldn't do anything, or the glass will be broken Generally, we supply it with standard size, and customer do the processing by themselves, but if need, we also could help do any processing as per the requirement
Quality No bubbles, no defects, super flat and smooth surface, self-broken rate lower than 0.1%, with CE and ISO certificate No bubbles, no defects, super flat and smooth surface, 100% won't delaminate, with ISO, CE and SGCC certificate
Price Generally, with the same thickness, the laminated glass cost will be higher than tempered glass  

 Clear Tempered Glass6mm fully tempered glass

Curved Tempered Glass

6mm curved tempered glass

Tempered Glass Edges

flat polished tempered glass

Color Laminated Glass

6mm colored laminated glass

About Application

Both 1/4 tempered glass and 1/4 laminated glass is safety glass, could be used as window glass, door glass, balcony glass, partition wall glass, etc., as to which would you prefer, you could compare all the details about them before making decision.

tempered glass laminated glass applications

Why purchase glass from us?

- We have rich experiences on glass manufacturing and exporting, have been working together with over 500 customers around the world, and got very high reputation from them;

- We have advanced product machines, technical workers, professional sales team, to offer personalized and dedicated glass and services for you;

- Our big production capacity could make sure fast delivery time for you, generally, for one container glass, the production time is 7-10 days;

- All the glass will be packed in strong export plywood crates, to avoid any damage during transportation;

- We have long-term business relationship with different shipping companies like MSK/NYK/COSCO, could help you get lowest freight cost with fastest shipping time;

- We are confident about our quality, so will refund the payment or replace the glass for you in the fastest way if you receive the glass have any broken or quality problem.

Except 1/4 tempered glass and laminated glass, we also produce other customized size and thicknesstempered glass andlaminated glass, welcome tocontact us any time for your glass inquiry!


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