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China high quality 8+8+8mm safety tempered laminated non-slip floor glass manufacturersChina high quality 8+8+8mm safety tempered laminated non-slip floor glass manufacturersChina high quality 8+8+8mm safety tempered laminated non-slip floor glass manufacturersChina high quality 8+8+8mm safety tempered laminated non-slip floor glass manufacturers

China high quality 8+8+8mm safety tempered laminated non-slip floor glass manufacturers

  • Anti-slip glass foor, also named skid resistance floor glass or anti-skid glass floor
  • The original glass surface you can choose min dot, small dot,eight elements,also offer a bespoke service
  • Processed:tempered,laminated,non-slip,drilling holes, notches,etc
  • Most popular thickness is 6+6+6mm,8+8+8mm,10+10+10mm,etc
  • Glass color: clear,obscure,etc
  • Glass size: custom as per desire
  • With safety packing and stronger loading.

China transparency or opaque safety tempered laminated anti-skid glass floor suppliers

Floor glass is not only beautiful and attractive, fashionable and generous, in the home decoration also has other materials irreplaceable advantages. It has a good light transmission, you can increase the room lighting, so that natural light be full of the whole room, at the same time, on the certain extent use of floor glass can increase the sense of space, so that the room looks more spacious and brightly.For home decoration, the floor glass can be well integrated into different styles of the room, creating a sense of suspension. 
Glass floor as a new decorative glass is more and more popular on the building field. Such as the Hotels, clubs, restaurants, bars, Internet cafes, dance halls, teahouses, sauna, foot bath, spa, beauty salon, salon, exhibition hall and other flooring filed. 

Normally, the surface floor glass need treatment on anti slip processed. If the surface floor glass used frosted glass/ acid etched glass, is didn’t have the anti-skid effect, only get the obscure effect.

Our special anti-skid glass flooring is an innovative floor material with superior performance and safety. It is made by using multi-interlayer laminated process. The surface glass used the tempered glass coated with special anti-slip film (NSS). The advantages that the anti-slip glass has long anti-slip time, good anti-slip effect, with high static friction coefficient, good anti-slip effect and is easy to be cleaned daily. Its can been made by the original glass of clear float glass, or low iron float glass, can processed on clear or obscure and so on.

 Special processed anti-skid glass feature :
1.The anti-skid glass surface of the non-slip layer with a high friction coefficient, it can make the anti slip glass floor’s non-skid property provides a guarantee.
2.The transparent anti-skid treatment of the glass floor is still to maintain the permeability characteristics, the full realization of the line of sight unimpeded, visual integration, so that the visual space is more open.
3.The safety of anti-skid glass flooring substrate has a high strength, can withstand large loads without breaking, through the laminated with multil panel glass to been the non-slip glass floor not only can withstand greater load, even the original anti-skid glass been accidental damage, the lower glass is still able to provide sufficient support to ensure safety.
4.The non-slip layer does not fall off, the anti-skid layer and the glass together sintering been a whole part, so t can be long-term friction without falling off. 

Special proceesed Anti-skid glass 

China Anti-skid glass floors
we supply many kinds of anti-slip glass to floor glass, such as sandblasting anti-slip glass, screen printing non-slippery glass and special dot design skid resistance glass. The most popular floor glass thickness are 6+6+6 / 8+8+8 and 10+10+10mm, etc.For more information about the non-slip floor glass as follow:

A ) The first type is sandblast floor glass, which processed by sandblast to get the anti slip effect, we could sandblast processed all full glass panel or sandblast round dot, line and other design. Its surface rough to get the anti-skid effect, but is not easy to cleaning or wash when the floor was dirty.
sandblast floor glass
B) The second type is silk screen printed glass floor, which do treatment processed through silk screen printed to get the anti slip effect, we could silk screen printed by the round dot, line, and so on, as per your demand. If its dirty is easy to cleaning, but the anti-skidding effect not well as other types. 

silk screen printed glass floor
C ) The third type is our special processed Anti-skid glass floor, which always producing with special treatment of the skid resistance on the glass surface by the mini round dot, round dot ,eight elements,and other design. The anti-skid effect is the most best and is easy to clean when dirty, but the cost is very expensive. 
special processed Anti-skid glass floor

Which type anti slip floor glass you can by from JIMY GLASS?
Clear tempered laminated anti slip glass floor
Low iron tempered laminated anti slip glass floor
Frosted laminated anti slip glass floor
Silk screen printed tempered laminated glass floor
Non Skid Resistance Floor Glass

Anti slip/ Non slip Glass Floor Applications:
Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
Stages, stairs, landscape lobbies
Showcases, KTV and other entertainments, clubs
Road surface where need to be marked, such as airport, railway stations, sports center,
super markets, museum,shopping malls, etc.

Anti-skid glass floor application


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