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Custom 66.4 clear curved bent tempered laminated glass 13.52mm manufacturersCustom 66.4 clear curved bent tempered laminated glass 13.52mm manufacturersCustom 66.4 clear curved bent tempered laminated glass 13.52mm manufacturersCustom 66.4 clear curved bent tempered laminated glass 13.52mm manufacturers

Custom 66.4 clear curved bent tempered laminated glass 13.52mm manufacturers

  • Glass name: 66.4 curved bend laminated glass,13.52mm bent laminated safety glass
  • Glass composation: 6mm clear curved tempered glass + 1.52mm PVB + 6mm transparent bent toughened glass
  • Max size in 5600*2400mm,any customized size available
  • 6mm tempered curved glass,mini radius 1000mm
  • Drill holes,polished edge,round safety corner,etc.
  • Within 10-15 days for shipping
  • 20"GP,20"OH,40"GP,40"OH

High quality 13.52mm transparent bending laminated safety glass wholesale price
13.52mm transparent bending laminated glass,66.4 clear curved laminated glass, it is produced by high quality 2pcs of 6mm curved tempered glass with 4 layers of PVB film component. Compare with flat 13.52mm
 laminated glass, 13.52mm curve tempered laminated glass not only with the safety and functionality of lamination technology, but also combines the beauty and advantages of 6mm curved glass, widely used for walkways, stairways, elevators, etc.

Advantages of 13.52mm curved bent laminated glass:
1.Safety or security glass: 13.52mm curved bent laminated glass is simply crack when outside force, it still remain as one piece and in its place. Due to it is the safety glass, widely used for walkways and stairways.
2.Soundproof:  PVB interlayer with soundproof function, then 13.52mm curved laminated glass is a great option for any situation where sound proofing is of a concern.
3.Multilayer: laminated glass are very flexible, which is what allows us to bend, curve and shape, and it can matched with different thickness, multilayer glass panels, such as 3+3mm,4+4mm,5+5mm,6+6mm,8+8mm,4+4+4mm,5+5+5mm,etc
4.UV protection: laminated glass also blocks out 99% of UV rays, this characteristic makes it excellent for window and skylight applications, protect the furniture not to be fade.
5.Processed glass: perfect to make as 10mm+12a+13.52mm curved tempered laminated insulated glass for curtain wall.

Features of  66.4 transparent bent laminated glass:
1.Glass composition: 6mm curved tempered glass + 4*0.38mm PVB interlayer + 6mm bent toughened glass
2.Size: max size in 5600*2400mm,any customized size can be well done.
3.PVB color: transparent. If you need color PVB interlayer, just offer the pantone colors, then we can do it to meet your requested.
4.Glass color: except for 6mm clear curved glass, other colors available in 6mm ultra clear glass curved, 6mm green glass curved, 6mm blue glass curved, 6mm bronze glass curved, 6mm grey glass curved, etc.
5.Glass radius: for 6mm curved glass, the mini radius around 1000mm.
6.Special processing: drill holes, polished edge, round safety corner, etc.

What’s the difference between flat laminated glass and curved laminated glass?
1)From thickness: single flat glass thickness available in 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm; single curved glass thickness available in 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm.
2)From size: flat glass, max size in 3300*8000mm; curved glass, max size in 5600*2400mm.
3)From features, curved laminated glass have the same advantages with the flat laminated glass, but curved shape bring you a special design and aesthetics building.

Applications of 13.52mm clear curved laminated glass:
*** 13.52mm clear curved laminated glass, it is widely used for walkway, stairway, such as door glass, balustrade glass, partition wall glass, roof glass, and so on.
*** 13.52mm clear curved laminated glass, when made it as 10mm + 12a +13.52mm clear curved tempered laminated insulated glass, then it will perfect to used as curtain wall, roof, skylight , etc.

High quality 13.52mm curved bent laminated safety glass
curved laminated glass manufacturers china

Packaging of 13.52mm clear curved laminated glass
66.4 curved bend laminated glass factory

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