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high quality 6mm curved glass display,6mm curved glass manufacturers pricehigh quality 6mm curved glass display,6mm curved glass manufacturers pricehigh quality 6mm curved glass display,6mm curved glass manufacturers pricehigh quality 6mm curved glass display,6mm curved glass manufacturers price

high quality 6mm curved glass display,6mm curved glass manufacturers price

  • Glass Name:6mm hot bending glass,6mm curved glass,6mm bent glass
  • Customized Shapes such as cylinders,s-curves,z-curves,u-curves,double curves,multi-radius,etc
  • Size:Max is 6000mm*3000mm,Mini is 300mm*300mm,any customized size
  • Popular use on furniture and architecture like aquarium glass,glass shelf,showcase,etc
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Perfect to make as curved tempered glass,curved laminated glass,curved insulated glass,etc
  • Pack in strong export plywood crates to avoid any broken

Cheap price 6mm bent curved glass furnitures manufacturer China 

Cut to size bent curved glass 6mm
6mm bent glass,it also called 6mm curved glass,which is made of 6mm float glass,is firstly heated to softening point on metal mould and then bent to shape by weight of glass itself and outside force,then finally cooled down.Curved annealed glass can be produced to custom designs and has the advantage of being able to be cut and processed after it has been bent to its desired shapes. 

Nowadays many objects use the bent glass,most applications are for smaller projects:curved china cabinet glass,boat windshields,revolving doors,show cases,hand rails,greenhouses and glass chandeliers,shelf,etc.Bent glass products come in different shapes:curved bow,l shape,s shape,butterfly shape,j bend,in 90 and 180 degrees.

The advantages of bent curved glass
1. It performas highly adaptable,you can design the shape as you want.It doesn't like tempered curved glass,tempered curved glass only can be standard circular arc.
2. It can be secondary processing,like cut,dill hole,etc.
3. It needs make the mold to start the production.
4. Hot curved glass can produce cylinder,cone,"S","Z","U",another three-dimensional irregular shape.

Specifications of 6mm bent curved glass
-Shapes:cylinders,s-curves,z-curves,u-curves,double curves,multi-radius,etc.curved glass a creative form of design in for any building.
-Size:max is 6000*3000mm.mini size is 300*300mm,any customized size.
-Color:clear,ultra clear,grey,green,blue,bronze,etc
-Glass types:clear glass,low iron glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,pattern glass,acid etched glass,screen printing glass,etc.
-Curved glass/bent glass can be further processed into insulated glass, tempered glass and laminated glass, etc.
-Widely used in esthetics architecture field for beautiful appearance.

The applications of bent curved glass
-Windows:you can use it as window glass.Surely looking very gorgeous.
-Store Front:As a store facade you can also apply it.You can use it as a door panel in your store room.
-Capsule Lifts:capsule lift always need curved glass.So it can be used in capsule lifts.
-Outside wall of a Building:Bent Glass mostly used in out side wall of a building.
-Revolving Doors: Revolving doors need curved glass,that you can use Bent Glass on revolving doors.
-Doors of Shower: if you consider a fashionable shower door,you should try Bent Glass for your shower door.
-Panel of Elevator:In many places Bent Glass is used as panel of elevator.
-Glass dividers:In your office space or for residential Bent Glass can be used as office or room dividers.It surely make your interior more effective.
-Curtain Walls:As curtain wall you can use it.
-Showcases:In jewellery shops,you can choose the bent Glass on showcases. 
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Applications of bent curved glass 
high quality curved glass manufacturers price

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