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Importing 5+12A+5mm sealed insulating glass from china factoryImporting 5+12A+5mm sealed insulating glass from china factoryImporting 5+12A+5mm sealed insulating glass from china factoryImporting 5+12A+5mm sealed insulating glass from china factory

Importing 5+12A+5mm sealed insulating glass from china factory

  • Glass name: 22mm double glazing glass,5+12A+5mm low e insulated glass,5+12A+5mm hollow glass
  • Glass composition: 5mm clear tempered glass+12A+5mm low e glass tempered
  • Available glass types: clear glass,ultra clear glass,low e glass,tinted glass,reflective glass,silkscreen printing glass,tempered glass,laminated glass.
  • Advantages: heatproof,soundproof,Anti-UV,energy saving
  • Except for 5+12A+5mm,5+6A+5mm,5+9A+5mm,5+16A+5mm thickness are available,
  • Production time: within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Popular application for window,door,curtain wall.

Custom Cut 5+12A+5mm Low e Tempered Insulated Glass For Windows

Soundproof 5+12A+5mm insulated glass
22mm insulated glass window panels,5+12A+5mm insulating glass,5+12A+5mm double glazed glass,5+12A+5mm hollow glass,which refers to 1pcs of 5mm clear tempered glass with 1pcs of 5mm low e glass tempered sealed around the edges with an air 12A space between,to form a single unit.

Jimy Glass could producing units of virtually any size,shape,and thickness required by your specifications using annealed,heat strengthened,fully tempered or laminated glass including glass with reflective and high performance low E coatings.For keeping the heat out during the hot months and cold out during the cold months,cutting down energy use.that's why it also called energy saving glass.By the way,dual pane windows 
could help with noise reduction and can update the appearance of a house while also increasing resale value.

The features of 5+12A+5mm solar seal insulating glass:
***by combining Low-E coatings,standard and high performance tinted glass,reflective coatings,silk-screened patterns,laminated glass products and more,a wide variety of insulating glass configurations are available to satisfy performance and aesthetic requirements.
***From the aluminum spacer,except for 5+12A+5mm,you also can get 5+6A+5mm,5+9A+5mm,5+16A+5mm insulating glass from us.
***From the single glass thickness,except for 5mm,other thickness available in 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm.
***Max size in 3230*12000mm,mini size in 180*350mm.Customized size and thickness to meet your requested,to meet engineer projects and goverment projects.
***Raw materials of insulated glass,available in clear glass,ultra clear glass,low e,reflective glass,tinted glass,silk printed glass,etc.
***Color:neutral,light blue,ford blue,dark blue,light gray,light green,dark green,gold,bronze,etc.

Advantages of 5+12A+5mm double glazed window:

1)Solar control,thermal control
2)Reduce of heat build up in summer
3)Reduce of winter heat loss and condensation
4)Lower air condition and heating energy costs
5)Soundproof,lower noise penetration:provide a sound barrier from the outside environment
6)Lower UV transmission
7)Increasing windload strength
8)Increasing security

Which kinds of 5+12A+5mm insulating glass you can get it from Jimy Glass?
5+12A+5mm low-e insulated glass
5+12A+5mm reflective insulated glass
5+12A+5mm silk printed insulated glass
5+12A+5mm low iron insulated glass
5+12A+5mm tinted insulated glass
5+12A+5mm Tempered insulated glass
5+12A+5mm laminated insulated glass

5+12A+5mm solar seal insulating glass,it is widely used for window,door,curtain wall.

22mm insulated glass window panels
22mm custom cut insulated windows glass

5+12A+5mm low e insulated glass china warehouse
5+12A+5mm low e insulated glass china warehouse

Insulated Glass Production Line 
Insulated Glass Production Line

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