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8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass price,hot sale double glazing glass manufacturer china8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass price,hot sale double glazing glass manufacturer china8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass price,hot sale double glazing glass manufacturer china8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass price,hot sale double glazing glass manufacturer china

8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass price,hot sale double glazing glass manufacturer china

  • Glass name:insulated glass,hollow glass,double glazing glass,insulated glass unit,IGU,double glazing unit
  • Glass shape:flat insulated glass,curved insulated glass
  • Size:max is 2500x4000mm,mini is 180x350mm,do it as your requested.
  • Available color:clear,blue,bronze,green,grey,etc
  • Aluminum spacer:6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm
  • Spacer fill:dry air,noble gas like Argon,etc.
  • Production time:within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Packed:strong export plywood crates with paper to avoid the breakage

Import 8mm+12A+8mm clear low-e insulating glass manufacturer price

8mm+12A+8mm low-e insulating glass 

Insulated glass,or hollow glass,or double glazing glass is made by 8mm clear float glass with 8mm low-e glass separated by an aluminum spacer and sealed together at the edge.The insulating airspace is filled with dry air or a noble gas,such as argon or krypton inside to slow the heat exchange and reduce noise levels.The aluminum spacer is filled with silica desiccant pellets to ensure removal of any moisture in the airspace.

1.Using a variety of different specifications of high-quality original glass, such as different thicknesses and sizes,colorless transparent glass and tempered,laminated,silk,embossed,colored,heat-reflective coated glass, Low-E coated glass and many other varieties.Can also be made into flat or curved insulated glass. 
2.Glass color:clear,ultra clear,grey,green,blue,bronze,etc. 
3.Glass type available:annealed or tempered clear,low-e,tinted,reflective,low-iron,screen printing,acid etched,etc. 
4.Aluminum spacer:6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm(1/4'',11/32'',1/2'',5/8'') 
5.Spacer Filled: Dry air,noble gas like Argon,etc 6.Available single glass thickness:3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,15mm,19mm 

 Product name  8+12A+8mm low-e insulating glass
 Glass shape  Flat insulated glass,curved insulated glass
 Maximum size  2500x4000mm
 Minimum size  180x350mm
 other available color  clear,ultra clear,grey,green,blue,bronze etc
 Type of sheet glass avaiable  clear,tinted,reflective,tempered,laminated,low-e,etc
 Aluminum spacer  6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm
 Spacer fill  dry air,nobles gas like Argon,etc.
 Packing  strong export plywood crates with paper
 Application  curtain wall,window,greenhouse,door,skylight,roof,etc
 Production time  within 7-15 days after the order is confirmed
 Payment term  L/C,T/T,Western Union

Characteristic of double glazing glass 

1.Optical properties: A range of optical properties are offered such as different visible light transmittance levels, solar reflectance, absorption rates, and color can customized to meet architectural and performance requirements. 
2.Heat insulation, reducing energy consumption: heat conductivity coefficient of the dry gas inside the insulated glass is low. Therefore, the insulated glass has a good insulation effect which can reduce energy consumption effectively. 
3.Anti-condensation: Since the dry gas layer between the glass layers has good insulating value under normal circumstances, condensation is minimized and prevented. 
4.Sound-proofing performance: Noise levels are reduced to 30 to 40 db. 
5.Light weight: With the same insulating effect as common materials like brick and concrete walls, insulated glass can reduce construction loads and simplify the structure of the building. 
6.Energy-saving glass: keep homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer,energy saving and environmental protection.
7.Create aesthetic scene to building 

The purpose of insulating glass units 

The purpose of insulating glass units,is just as any form of insulation, is to reduce the effect of the exterior climate inside the building;in cold climates the aim is reduce infiltration of the cold,and hence maintain interior heated temperature and reduce the cost of heating; in hot climates the aim is to reduce heat coming in and hence reduce the cost of air conditioning,high quality safety toughened insulating glass will bring you a comfortable life.

Whick kind of insulated glass you can get it from JIMY GLASS FACTORY:

1.Clear insulated glass
2.Color tinted insulated glass
3.Reflective insluted glass
4.Acid Etched Insulated glass
5.Low-e insulated glass
6.Tempered insulated glass
7.Laminated insulated glass
Many others.welcome contact us for details requested.

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