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Good price 15mm+1.52mm PVB SGP interlayer+ 15mm tempered laminated safety glass manufacturer ChinaGood price 15mm+1.52mm PVB SGP interlayer+ 15mm tempered laminated safety glass manufacturer ChinaGood price 15mm+1.52mm PVB SGP interlayer+ 15mm tempered laminated safety glass manufacturer ChinaGood price 15mm+1.52mm PVB SGP interlayer+ 15mm tempered laminated safety glass manufacturer China

Good price 15mm+1.52mm PVB SGP interlayer+ 15mm tempered laminated safety glass manufacturer China

  • Glass name:15+15mm tempered laminated glass, 15+1.52mm+15mm toughened laminated safety glass, 31.52mm laminated glass in PVB/SGP interlayer
  • Glass shape: flat tempered laminated glass, curved toughened laminated glass.
  • High security glass,because it can withstand the severe weather like storms, hurricane and cyclone, etc.
  • Any customized process could be done perfectly, like cut-outs, cut notches, drill holes, etc.
  • Production time: around 10-15 working days after the order confirmed.
  • Pack in strong export plywood crates with metal belts for safety transportation.

15+15mm toughened laminated glass suppliers China

Excellent quality 15mm+1.52mm PVB/SGP interlayer+15mm tempered laminated glass, which is processed by 2pcs of 15mm clear or ultra clear or colored tempered glass with 1.52mm PVB interlayer or SGP interlayer to bond it. Which is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered, widely used to the places where is the possibility of human impact or the glass could fall if shattered, like balustrade, skylight, storefront, floor, etc.

The features of 15+15mm PVB SGP laminated safety glass
1. The glass composition: 15mm tempered glass+1.52mm PVB/SGP interlayer+15mm toughened glass
2. PVB or SGP interlayer are available. But the price of PVB laminated glass will be more cheaper than the price of SGP laminated glass.
3. Glass shape: flat or curved are available, then 1515.4 flat laminated glass or 31.52mm curved tempered laminated glass
4. Glass size: max size can be reached to 3300*13000mm, radius larger than 6000mm; max size 2440*8000mm, radius larger than 1200mm, any customized size can be produced.
5. Glass type: 15154 SGP low iron curved tempered laminated glass, 15154 PVB clear laminated glass, 31.52mm low e laminated safety glass, 15+15mm curved acid etched laminated glass, 15+15mm silkscreen printed tempered laminated glass with SGP film, 31.52mm colored toughened laminated glass with PVB film.
6. Special processing: drill holes, cutout, edge working, logo printing, etc. all special processing can be finished well according to client’s requirement.

The advantages of 1515.4 toughened laminated glass from Jimy Glass Factory
Our high quality tempered laminated glass, meet European standard, passed CE certified.
- Extremely high security: the PVB or SGP interlayer withstands penetration from impact.
- Energy saving building materials: solar heat and soundproof, reduces cooling loads.
- Have attractive aesthetic building: laminated glass with the color PVB interlayer, the building appearance more special and attractive; when laminated glass with SGP interlayer, it can improve the building’s superior quality level.
- Ultraviolet screening: the interlayer filters out ultraviolet rays and prevents the furniture and curtains from fading effect.

The applications of 15mm+1.52mm+15mm tempered laminated safety glass

Due to laminated glass is the most safety glass, 15mm+1.52mm+15mm tempered laminated glass, it is widely used for balustrade, storefront, floor glass, skylight, etc.

By the way, Laminated glass also can be supplied in our insulated glass units which can also be bent for curved glass applications, like curved tempered laminated insulated glass. We also can produce triple laminated glass, like 6+6+6mm 8+8+8mm 10+10+10mm 12+12+12mm 15+15+15mm PVB SGP ultra clear tempered laminated glass in flat or curved shape, and used on stairs, pool ends and aquariums, glass facades and glass floors.

15+15mm PVB SGP Tempered Laminated Glass
15mm+1.52mm+15mm SGP tempered laminated safety glass

Laminated Glass Production line by Jimy Glass Factory
laminated glass supplier China

The applications of 15+15mm laminated safety glass
1515.4 toughened laminated glass manufacturer

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