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8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall

8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall

  • 8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass is 8mm clear tempered glass+8mm low-e tempered glass
  • Glass shape: flat insulated glass,curved double glazed curved insulated glass
  • Available thickness:4+9a+4, 5+12a+5, 6+12a+6, 13.52+12a+10, etc
  • Available size: Max size is 2500*4000mm, min size is 180*350mm.
  • Delivery: 7-15 days after order is confirmed.
  • Characteristic: soundproof, heatproof, solar control and energy saving

8+12A+8 low-E tempered insulated glass used for curtain wall

Why insulated glass is the best choose for curtain wall?

All the major cities around the world are magnificent gorgeous buildings are using glass curtain walls, do you know why?
Because the glass curtain wall is a new type of wall, it gives the building is the biggest feature of architectural aesthetics, architectural features, building energy efficiency and building structure and other factors organically united, the building from different angles showing different tones, with sunshine, moonlight, light changes give people a dynamic beauty.

Glass curtain wall not only has a good visual effect, and the light transmission of glass is also very good, the intensity of indoor artificial lighting during the day can be greatly reduced, but because the sun also carry a high calorie, so in summer or winter, glass curtain wall buildings often need more energy to maintain the indoor temperature,

At present, glass with the heat preservation and other energy-saving performance, such as Low-e glass process into low-emissive insulating glass has been widely used, can save a lot of energy.

The performance of the insulated glass:

The insulated glass is a new building materials which used two or more pieces of glass are uniformly spaced apart and adhered to each other so that the glass layer is formed with a dry gas space.Insulated glass with soundproof,heat preservation, anti-frost, moisture, strong resistance to wind pressure strength and other advantages,beautiful and practicable,and can reduce the building weight.Insulated glass superior performance superior to normal laminated glass, so get The recognition of the world.

What kind of insulated glass suitable for curtain wall?

Insulating glass composite material, according to the needs of the building:because all glass type can used to process insulated glass,such as tempered glass,laminated glass,low-E glass,clear float glass,tinted glass,reflective glass and others:
The max size could reach to 2500*4000mm,and the thickness can be 4+9a+4, 5+12a+5, 6+12a+6, 13.52+12a+10, etc.,
Below we List some hot sale combination of insulated glass for curtain wall:
6+12a+6 grey reflective insulated glass
5+12a+5 low-e double glazing glass
9.14+12a+8 safety laminated insulated glass
Tempered curved/flat insulated glass
Pay attention:all produced as per project parameter requirement.

China manufacturer low-E insulated glass:

low-E tempered insulated glass

Picture of tempered Low-E insulated glass curtain wall

low-emissive insulated glass curtainer wall

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Low-E IGU double glazing glass


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