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Custom-made high-transparent 10mm low iron U channel glass pricesCustom-made high-transparent 10mm low iron U channel glass pricesCustom-made high-transparent 10mm low iron U channel glass pricesCustom-made high-transparent 10mm low iron U channel glass prices

Custom-made high-transparent 10mm low iron U channel glass prices

  • Product Name:10mm U shaped glass, 10mm U profile glass, 10mm U channel glass, 10mmU-type glass
  • Glass type: transparent super white, ice pattern, thick ripples, thin ripples.
  • Max. Length: 12000mm, customized size is accepted.
  • U shaped glass' bottom width,Flange height and glass thickness also can customize as per required
  • Characteristic: soundproof, heatproof, energy saving etc.
  • Application:interior walls, exterior walls,glass facades/ curtain wall, glass window, glass partition,etc.
China high quality 10mm Low iron U-type glass suppliers

10mm U channel glass be succeed development on 2016 years by our research and development department , its break through the international and domestic of 7mm U profile glass' bottleneck problem. can  produce thickness from 6mm to 10mm as per demand.

What is U shaped glass?
U-shaped glass is a special-shaped glass which applied to the most extensive buildings. Due to its U-shaped cross-section, it increases the force of the glass, makes it have higher mechanical strength than the flat glass, and has a large installation span, which can save a lot of profiles. At the same time with the ideal light transmittance of glass; double installation, has a good thermal insulation and sound insulation. The construction is simple and convenient. It is suitable for building exterior walls, interior partitions, and exterior wall decoration, making it one of the standard parts of the building. Many types of U-glass have ideal translucency, heat insulation, heat preservation and high mechanical strength. They are not only widely used, simple in construction, but also have unique architectural and decorative effects, and can save a lot of light metal profiles. It is used by urban and rural architecture in many countries in the world. 

U shaped glass can be float glass type or tempered glass type.And its surface can be pattern or smooth, and the glass color can be colorless or colorful as below:
U shaped glass type:  
clear float U- profile glass , Low iron U channel glass, Acid etched U shaped glass, Sandblasting U channel glass, Laminated U -shaped glass, Laminated wire U shaped glass, Color Painted U shaped glass, high transparency U shaped glass
 U-type glass pattern:  (Colorful flowers)U-shaped glass,(Fine flower)U-shaped glass ,(stripe )U-shaped glass ,(mistlite pattern) U shaped glass, (brightness) U-shaped glass
 U shaped glass thickness:  6mm,7mm 8mm,9mm,10mm
 U profile glass flange height  41mm,60mm,etc.
 U channel glass bottom width  232mm(9-1/8”), 262mm(10-5/16”),332mm(13-1/32”),etc.

What can we do if you are buy 10mm ultra clear U profile glass from us?

1.  U shaped glass’ bottom width,Flange height and glass thickness also can customize as per required
2.  We are not only provide the U-shaped glass, but also provide all the related aluminum frame systems and accessories.
3.  We can give you the installed suggestion and technical support
4.  Safety packing for your ensure not happen any breakage during the transporting
5.  Can provide one step service for you from producing glass to shipping glass.

Where to used the 10mm super white U channel glass? 
U-shaped glass due to its good light transmission and non-perspective characteristics and good decorative properties. can be used in the Partitions, windows and roofs of non-load-bearing interior and exterior walls of industrial and civil buildings.such as airports, railway stations, gymnasiums, factories, office buildings, hotels, houses, greenhouses, etc.

Sample of 10mm extra clear U-shaped glass
10mm low iron U-type glass sample

How to installed the U-profile glass?
Installation way for u shaped glass 

Safety and stronger packing for U profile glass
safety packing for U profile glass

10mm low iron U profile glass application
10mm low iron U -type glass application

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