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Hurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glassHurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glassHurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glassHurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass

Hurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass

  • Glass name:SGP laminated insulated glass,insulating hurricane impact resistant glass,double glazed units hurricane proof glass,hollow glass,double glazing glass,insulated glass unit,IGU,double glazing unit
  • Glass shape:flat SGP laminated insulated glass,curved SGP laminated insulated glass
  • Size:max is 2500x4000mm,mini is 180x350mm,other size customize as your requested.
  • Available color:clear,blue,bronze,green,grey,etc
  • Aluminum spacer:6mm,9mm,12mm,16mm
  • Spacer fill:dry air,noble gas like Argon,etc.
  • Production time:within 10-15 days after the order is confirmed
  • Packed:strong export plywood crates with paper to avoid the breakage

Hurricane proof impact resistant 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass

Hurricane Impact Resistant SGP Laminated Glass consists of two sheets of glass with a shatter-proof interlayer between them. Once the glass receives a significant impact, it may shatter but the inner membrane holds the pieces firmly in its frame so that the barrier is not broken.Using low-E glass as the intermediate layer will result in better energy saving performance.

Insulated Laminated Glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a hermetically sealed air space (or gas filled space) in between. The air or gas filled space serves as an insulator between the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside.This glass is generally more expensive,but offers enhanced energy performance.

Let's see what performance of 12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass:
1.SGP laminated glass is much bigger in strength, more transparent than PVB/EVA laminated glass.retains its character and maintains a residual barrier, even after the glass broken, it is standing, not falling down.

2.SGP Laminated glass can eliminates 99% of UV rays,reduces noise transmission.even SGP laminated insulated glass can reduce noise by more than 50 dB;

3.Outstanding clarity: Yellow index is smaller than 1.5, even after years of service, the SGP hardened tempered laminated glass will be lasting superior beauty.

4.Soundproof,heatproof and anti-UV by SGP laminated insulated glass, The U-value is effectively lowered and can be further reduced by filling of inert gases like argon gas,this is very helpful for energy saving. 

Difference SGP laminated insulated glass specification:
- SGP interlayer thickness 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm, 3.04mm, etc.
- Single glass thickness: various combinations of glass between 3mm and 19mm thick.
- Size: Max: 2500mm*4000mm, Mini:180mm*350mm,any customized size could be produced.
- Aluminum Spacer: 6, 9, 12, 16mm (1/4",11/32", 1/2", 5/8").
- Spacer Fill: Dry Air, noble gas like Argon, etc.
- Glass type: flat and bent SGP tempered laminated glass,PVB laminated glass,tempered glass,low-E glass,tinted glass,etc.
- Processing: polished edges, drill holes, cut notches, etching, screen printing,tempered process and laminated.etc.

12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass application:

- Hurricane resistant glass windows,curtain wall,doors,facades and skylights.
- Minimally supported and open-edged railings, balustrades and canopies.
- Structural glass flooring, stairs, walkways and pedestrian bridges.
- Any others where require high strong construction material.

More details:
• Production time: within 10-14 working days after order is confirmed;
• Package: All the glass pack in strong export plywood crates to avoid breakage;
• Payment term: TT 50% deposit before production, TT 50% balance before shipping in FOB, or after cargo ship out in CIF, L/C at sight is acceptable;
• Insulated glass have many combinations by request.If you need more details, please contact us any time.
12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass
12+16A+13.52mm SGP laminated insulated glass

Compare Normal insulated glass and SGP laminated insulated glass:
double glazed units hurricane proof glass

Professional customize SGP laminated insulated glass strong packing:
Customize size SGP laminated insulated glass

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