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Hurricane Impact-resistant Glass 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm SGP Laminated GlassHurricane Impact-resistant Glass 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm SGP Laminated GlassHurricane Impact-resistant Glass 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm SGP Laminated GlassHurricane Impact-resistant Glass 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm SGP Laminated Glass

Hurricane Impact-resistant Glass 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm SGP Laminated Glass

  • Glass name:SGP laminated glass,SGP sandwich glass,SGP safety glass
  • SGP interlayer thickness:0.89mm,1.52mm,2.28mm,3.04mm,etc.
  • Five times stronger and up to 100 times stiffer than PVB laminated glass
  • Can be against to the severe weather like storms,hurricane and
  • Use structural glass flooring, stairs, walkways,bridges,curtain wall,etc
  • Production time within 10-15 days after order is confirmed.
  • Fresh new strong export plywood crates with paper

Good Price 27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm Safety SGP Laminated Glass Manufacturer China

SGP Laminated Glass Factory Price 

SGP Laminated Glass is manufactured by bonding two or more layers of glass together with layers of SGP, under heat and pressure,to create a single sheet of glass. SGP Laminated Glass offer the strongest,most impact and moisture resistant,clearest laminated solution,allows more overall structural glass to be used with less visible metal support than regular laminated panels.Widely used for hurricane and bomb blast resistant windows,doors and facades to meet society’s need for security. 

The advantages of the SGP Film 



3.5xstronger than standard PVB film 

4.100xstiffer than standard PVB film 

5.Storm/Cyclone/Impact/Blast resistant 

6.Longer life 

7.Strong adhesive strength 

FEATURES of SGP Laminated Glass 

Laminated glass with SGP not only security also maintains the lightsome and transparent in structures. 

1.Safety: When broken,the SGP interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded and prevents it from breaking apart. 

2.Sound Insulation: The interlayer can also give the glass a higher sound insulating rating. 

3.Resistance to UV light: Laminated glass blocks 99% incoming UV light. 

Specifications of SGP Laminated Glass Factory China 

1.Size: Max 3000*5000mm,Mini 300*300mm,any customized size could be produced. 

2.Thickness: glass substrates could be 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm,etc.,SGP thickness 0.89mm, 1.52mm, 2.28mm,3.04mm, etc. 

3.Glass type: Clear float glass,low iron glass,tinted float glass,reflective float glass,tempered glass, low-e glass, acid etched glass, screen-printed glass, etc. 

The SGP interlayer is an important factor in ensuring our toughened laminated glass is the best it can be. It’s doesn’t just make it tougher and stronger, it makes our glass blast resistant – but without compromising on the appearance. 

The applications of SGP Laminated Glass

***Hurricane resistant windows,doors and skylights 

***Bomb blast resistant windows,doors and facades 

***Minimally supported and open-edged railings,facades and canopies 

***Structural glass flooring,stairs,walkways and pedestrian bridges Many others 

What kinds of SGP laminated glass you can get it from Jimy Glass? 

1.Clear Laminated Glass with SGP 

2.Ultra Clear Laminated Glass with SGP 

3.Color laminated glass with SGP,like grey laminated glass with SGP,bronze laminated glass with SGP,F-green laminated glass with SGP,blue laminated glass with SGP,etc. 

4.Thickness available in 13.52mm,17.52mm,21.52mm,27.04mm 33.04mm 41.04mm,etc.customized SGP laminated glass. 

Hurricane resistant SGP laminated tempered glass

SGP tempered laminated glass price

Applications of SGP Laminated Glass

SGP laminated glass factory china

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